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China Military Grade Rugged Waterproof PDA

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    Cilico Overview
    Founded in 2001, Cilico has been focused on the development and manufacturing of IoT data collection terminals. Cilico’s head office and R&D center is located in the high-tech zone of Xi’an city, Shaanxi Province. Our factory and supply chain is in Shenzhen, we also have a branch office in Beijing. We started as a small workshop with only a few people, but now after 17 years of development, we are now one of the leading supplier for IoT barcode scanners and PDAs, such as 1D barcode scanners, 2D/QR code scanners, rugged mobile computers and handheld scanners with POS thermal printers etc, our products are widly used in Ticket Business, Supermarkets And Retailing Stores,O2O E-Commercial Payment, Intelligent Medical Treatment, Financial Management, Warehouse, Stock and Inventory management , Traceability, Electronic Meter Reading,Government& Public Affairs, such as traffic monitoring, airport security and jail supervision, etc.
    Cilico History

    Big events review from 2001 to 2018

    Founded in 2001, the launching of our ARM32 bit processor was a big hit in campus national wide and we won the bid of a high-competitive research project for China’s highest academic institution, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    In 2002, we released the first generation WinCE PDA CS100.

    In 2008, our PDA CS200 did a great job in the rescue work for the 8.0 grade earthquake in Sichuan province, the news was reported in CCTV.

    In 2009, started international business, CM100 CCD barcode engine was published.

    In 2012, launched the world’s first Android OS PDA, CM380.

    In 2013, launched wirelsss bluetooth barcode scanner CT10X, it’s still the best selling barcode scanner on Amazon till now.

    In 2017, we released Cilico MDM(Mobile Device Management), besides launched the bellowing three new products.
    - IP68 grade rugged mobile computer F750
    -Android 7.1 AIDC handheld PDA F760
    -Wifi 1D and 2D barcode scanner with touch screen operation panel IOT800.
    Our R&D Capability
    Cilico highly focus on product R&D and technological innovation. We have constantly increased investment and effort to the design of the product appearance and performance. Over 60% of our staff are R&D engineers, many of them are experts specialized in RFID, AIDC, Optics and Integration etc. The investment on R&D takes up at least 10% of the annual profit, with stable increase every year. Over the last 16 years, we acquired hundreds of patents and independent intellectual property rights. With the continuing R&D efforts and strict quality control system, Cilico can provide customers with reliable products to meet the mobile information needs in
    IOT industry. In order to control quality strictly, we share the same modernized production lines with many worldwide brands. Our barcode scanners and mobile computers have also passed many certifications such as IP65, IP68, CE, RoHS, FCC,BIS, etc. Different product are with different certifications.

    Our service

    We firmly believe that services are equally important as product quality. We support customized production service to meet the special requirements on some software, labels, packing, or even hardware. We control the product quality strictly for every step during the manufacturing process of our barcode scanners and mobile computers. Besides, our highly knowledgeable sales engineers and English speaking technical support engineers are ready to help our customers for any technical questions they have before or after sales.
    CILICO Enterprise Culture
    CILICO Vision
    Becoming the leading enterprise of the IoT and a happily-growing homeland for strivers
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