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Gem Riverside sở hữu vị trí đắc địa nằm trên trục đường huyết mạch giao thương tại Quận 2, 2 mặt tiếp giáp sông, ngay trung tâm hành chính Quận 2, sát cạnh khu đô thị bậc nhất Thủ Thiêm và khu Liên Hợp thể thao bậc nhất TP.HCM tìm hiểu tại website https://gemriverside.itr.vn/, xem thêm dự án căn hộ Alpha City quận 1

Dead Cert London Card Game manufacturers

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    Company Info
    WinGo Industry Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has over 20 years of experience in board games, card games, and education kits printing. Got the Amazon certification in 2016. We offer "one-stop" service including product concept development, artwork design, sampling, certification, production, shipment and more.
    WinGo games utilises reliable and latest technology to ensure accurate and precise manufacturing. Our highly qualified engineers ensure zero to no downtime during productions. We ensure that all paper products are printed efficiently with high quality. Woody, glassy and plastic component like meeple, dices, punchboard tiles, dice tower, paper insert and poker box etc. We are all you ever need. We set very strict standards at every Crucial stage of the production to uphold our product quality.

    Design, Model, Printing, Accessories.

    CE certification, Amazon certification

    Production Equipment
    Partial automation equipment, HEIDELBERG 4C+2C offset printing machine and CTP system, POLAR paper guillotine, Card board laminator, Automatic linen finish machine Automatic die cutter, Automatic gluing machine, Automatic box forming machine Round Corner Punching Machine, UV coating and varnishing machine, Automatic shrink wrapper, Plastic injection machine
    Production Market
    more than 300 well-known board game publishers and KS teams in Europe and America.
    Our service
    WinGo provides versatile and affordable production and service solutions for our clients. Each level of the process is available, including: New Product Development, Product Prototyping, Manufacturing and Shipping Solutions. We're also proud to offer "One Stop" convenience with full attention to important details such as Time Frame, Cost, Insurance and Safety. Sampling Process (Pre-press File Review, Layout Making, Film, Printing, Mold Development of Plastic Components, etc)Production, Certification, Production Completion & QC Inspection, Shipping, Distribution.
    Leon Lau
    CEO of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    20 years of sales experience in the industryEMBA, business department, Tsinghua University.
    Mike Lei
    Market director of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    PhD, Tsinghua University, Beijing
    Morefun games co-founder
    One moment games co-founder
    Individual Board Game designer.
    Mark Leung
    COO of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    20 years of operational experience in the industry
    EMBA graduate student of business department, Tsinghua University.
    Alison Zheng
    10 years of sales experience in the industry
    Leading the team to create 20 million turnover in 2017.
    Yueyang Lai
    Factory manager of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    Factory management experience for more than 10 years;Specialized in lined with blister.
    King Fredrik
    North America Business Director of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    Over 10 years experience in the publishing, printing and board games industry.
    Natalia. C
    European Business Director of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    Experience of advertising marketing has more than 10 years.
    David. L
    American Design Consultant of WinGo Industry Ltd.
    Graduated from the MIT.
    Board game designer.
    Active in the American board game design circle.
    Test & Certificate
    FulfillmentDead Cert London Card Game manufacturers
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