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Replacement For FLEETGUARD Filter Element

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    Company History
    Henan Senjie Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. originated from the 116th factory of the old military enterprise established in 1939 (now AVIC Aviation Industry Group AVIC). It was established in the early 1980s with the military aviation filtration technology transplanting civilian products. It covers an area of 20 10,000 square meters, total staff of more than 700 people, 185 middle and senior technical staff.
    The company has three oil filter production lines, three water filtration production lines, two air compressor filter production lines, two filtration equipment production lines, an annual production capacity of 2 million filter elements, 5,000 filtration equipment production capacity, and a research and development center. One inspection center, 100% of the factory products have been tested to protect the quality of the products.
    Senjie people always adhere to the "innovation, quality, service, economy, dedication, gratitude" 12-word concept. Absorb new ideas, strictly control quality, track all-round services, and insist on making high-quality products. In the "pursuit, staff, technology, spirit, interests," 10 words. Now we have a group of capable management personnel and a high-quality professional technical team, comfortable and elegant office environment and a new modern standard factory. We take the quality as the life, the time as the prestige, the price as the competitive business belief, based on the north of Henan, looking to the world.
    The company has more than 60 years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation in the development of airborne equipment. The aviation field is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of fluid pressure and flow control devices, fluid pollution testing and control devices for aircraft environmental control, hydraulic control, fuel systems, and air. The core technologies and products of hydraulic medium, fuel medium, oil medium, coolant medium control valve, filter and signal generator are all supporting domestic aircraft and engine. A number of technologies have filled the domestic gap. Based on the development of military-civilian integration and technology homology, and relying on aviation filter technology, the company has developed various industrial filters, which cover the internal combustion engine, engineering machinery, petrochemical, textile and pharmaceutical, papermaking, metallurgy, coal mine, food, etc. Multiple industry sectors.
    Coking Plant Replacement For FLEETGUARD Filter Element

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