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Sampan Boats in Mekong Delta

Thảo luận trong 'Lữ hành' bắt đầu bởi mekongtours, 19/7/19.

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    Sampan Boats in Mekong Delta, which is very diverse and rich with many different types and names. Based on the production characteristics, function and operation method, from then on we have many different types of sampan boats. Getting on the sampan and all the natural beauty of Mekong Delta River is gradually displaying in your eyes, in along with hustling speed of life of some famous floating market. Sampan Boats in Mekong Delta is not merely a means of transportation, but it is also characterized by culture, which is an indispensable material that constitutes the soul of a country countryside. Living in the region of the river, each locality, whether rich or poor, owns a sampan boat for moving around. In fact that, this style of boat considered a means of water civilization in a young alluvial area, flooded fields, flood season lasts up to 6 months each year.


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